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H-PASS is dedicated to supporting EU Member States in developing Healthcare Team Skills and strengthening the resilience of the healthcare workforce. In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, equipping health professionals with transversal and digital skills is crucial in navigating technological advances.

why is h-pass relevant?

health workforce

Effective management, development and strategic planning of the health workforce is essential for successful health systems. In an era of technological innovation and health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the continuous training and upgrading of the health workforce is more important than ever. Addressing skills mismatches and monitoring the changing environment contributes to efficient, accessible and resilient health systems.

In line with the European Commission’s objectives, this cutting-edge project provides EU Member States with tools and knowledge to build surge capacity and overcome difficulties in care delivery caused by a lack or mismatch of transversal and digital skills. Through knowledge sharing and exchange, H-PASS facilitates cooperation and best practice in health workforce training.

WHAT makes h-pass different?

Empowering health professionals

It takes a comprehensive approach to health workforce skills. The project includes a training programme and an innovative learning environment with specific modules, activities and up-to-date training materials. This holistic approach ensures that health workers effectively bridge their skills gaps.

The consortium also recognises the importance of digital empowerment in the health sector. Technology has transformed health systems, impacting care delivery and daily practice. H-PASS addresses this digital transformation by providing training in digital skills, telemedicine, e-health solutions and the use of wearable devices. It aims to empower health professionals to adapt to these changes and promote integrated, sustainable and effective models of care.

The H-Pass project believes in collaboration and knowledge sharing. It creates mechanisms that encourage commitment, readiness, openness and the ability to multiply knowledge among health professionals, the transferability of good practices, it scales up existing training programmes across Europe, improving digital maturity, literacy, readiness and integration into health systems.

H-PASS offers a transformative training programme that combines digital skills, team building and leadership development. Its adaptable training package empowers health professionals across Europe to confidently navigate the digital future.

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